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Mid-West Co-ops, Inc is an Illinois chartered cooperative, founded Iwc replica in 1962, whose members are legally chartered cooperatives in their own states.  At present, there are 27 member co-ops in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin with about 1,400 farmer-members.  About 70% of the members are pork producers marketing approximately 5 million hogs per year.  The members operate about 1,400,000 acres of cropland.


Mid-West Co-op exists to purchase farm inputs (feed, seed, grain and livestock equipment, farm chemicals, and livestock supplies) for its farmer-members through pooled ordering and negotiation with suppliers. 


Suppliers that might be interested in working with Mid-West can contact the Mid-West office.  Farmers that might have interest in either becoming members of one of the member co-ops or in forming a new co-op can also contact the Mid-West office.



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